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A state-approved translator or translation company can provide an official translation.German test

No extra copies will be given out.
The test center where you took the exam will offer a new document for a modest price if the exam was taken within the last 10 years.

Depending on the target country, shipping can take anywhere from 3 to 5 days. Some orders take a week or more.

You can have your certificate notarized by a legitimate notary (court, government agency, school, bank, etc.), for example, in order to study in Germany. Typically, employers need accreditation from a law firm.

Naturally, customer information is kept private and never disclosed. All of our paperwork is delivered to you in plain white envelopes with no indication of what’s inside.

Orders that were dispatched using FedEx express airmail and DHL (Worldwide Express) were given a tracking number for the package.

No new certificate or replacement document will be provided in the event of a name change (e.g. due to marriage, adoption, divorce, etc.).
A notarized copy of the aforementioned documents or an official document from the applicable authorities (such as a birth certificate, marriage certificate, etc.) can serve as proof of a name change.
When registering at the exam site, the test taker’s name and spelling must be verified using a valid ID. Based on this previously saved personal data, the exam certificate will be issued. Online Goethe Certificate Purchase

No. Simply fill out the order form with the correct information if you want your copy delivered to a different address.

Depending on the mode of payment you chose. The average time for a wire transfer to reach our account is several days (three to five business days). We can check ways like Bitcoins, Western Union, and MoneyGram the same day they are sent.

Our certificates are of the highest quality and identical to the original paperwork. When creating passports, we accept all security features including special paper, watermarks, security threads, intaglio printing, microprinting, fluorescent dyes, color-changing ink, laser perforation of the document number, latent image, and laser image perforation.



We can assist you in obtaining your authentic German Goethe, Telc, DSH, TestDAF, and SD certificates online without the need for an exam; however, if you prefer to take the exam with our assistance, reserve your spot and we will write the exam while you wait. We will then change the results before the results release date so that no one will be aware of the change.

You can still purchase the Goethe, Telc, DSH, TestDAF, SD, DSD, Testas, DTZ Questions and Answers to sit for the exam on your own, and you should have a 100 percent guarantee that you will receive more than the scores you are hoping for on the Goethe, Telc, DSH, TestDAF, SD, DSD, Testas, DTZ exams. Buy Goethe Certificate Online